The wild robot stop motion.

Hello and welcome to my blog about my stop motion project! for the project, we had to do so many things, like make a set, build the characters, and record it! it was a very fun project and I hope you have fun reading it!  Here are some photos from my booklet.



And now for the part, you’ve all been waiting for the… CLIP!

WWW What Went Well.

What went well for me was that the project was that it was fun and it was pretty easy.

EBI Even Better If.

it would’ve been even better if the clip was not blurry but I am happy with the results.

Thanks for reading!





Innovation Day


Hello world and welcome to my project About the Middle Ages. I hope you like it!


For our innovation day project, we are supposed to make a castle with a working draw bridge and other stuff.

It is actually pretty cool we are studying about medieval times and I hope you will like this blog.



What are the Middle Ages, you ask? I’m glad you asked!  “Even though you probably didn’t…”

They are a long period that took place between 400-1400AD approximately

It also began when the Roman Empire collapsed In the 400’s.

Some people refer to the period following its collapse as the Dark Ages, believing that society declined during this time.

Here is a video about medieval times




During the Middle Ages, the Roman Empire was divided into a bunch of small kingdoms.

Most kings did not have much control over those kingdoms.

Because of that many princes, dukes, and counts ruled their own land.

Those people were called vassals and their land was called fiefs.

They kind of acted like kings through this thing called feudalism or the feudal system.

The feudal system made a class system made of three groups.

1 The ruling class governed the peasants.

2 The peasants or serfs worked the land.

3 The church leaders or clergy were in charge of the religious life of the community.

Here is a video about the feudal system.


Some people think that castles serve as homes for powerful people. Even though it is true it is not totally true.

Castles are communities made up of a lot of people.

Some are rich and wealthy like castle owners and nobles.

Others were not rich and wealthy like farmers religious, leaders, etc.

Castles played an important role in feudalism in Europe in the Middle Ages.

the word castle is from Latin. In Latin  It means fortress.

A castle also houses their army, weapons, and food.

Castles are the center of the government. Even though they got attacked a lot they were the safest place during that time.


Did you know that draw bridges in castles are built with a pulley system?

Well, they are!

The rope attached to the pulley is also attached to the draw bridge in a castles

There are two main types of pulleys.

a fixed pulley and a movable pulley.

A fixed pulley is a pulley that is attached to a structure.

It can’t move parallel to the structure.

A movable pulley can change position relative to the structure.

A pulley system is when you combine two or more pulleys together.


Gears are great inventions created by Greeks. They have been used for centuries in many applications, including flag poles, cars, clocks, and bicycles.

Gears are even used in castles for things like flagpoles, as I mentioned earlier. But there are even more things in castles with gears for example wells.


I think I am gonna use the pulley to make the drawbridge work. I will position it at the top of where the door/drawbridge is. Pulleys work when the rope is pulled it will lift the load. In this situation, the drawbridge is the load.

I was going to use gears to make a flagpole but could not find how to make a working flagpole with gears on the internet, so I just made a tower and taped a flag at the top.


1 Get a cardboard box

2 Cut a hole in it in the shape of a drawbridge

3 Put a pulley above the hole you made earlier

4 Add spikes on the top.

5 Make turrets.

6 Make a tower.

7 Attach a string to the pulley and drawbridge from earlier.

8 Add a flag to the tower

Now it should look somewhat like this

And this




A draw bridge is a historical type of bridge from the Medival Times. It can be moved in different ways and has many uses.

A lot of drawbridges were built as part of castles over moats. Nowadays, modern drawbridges are built across various. bodies of water, so it could be lifted manually if a boat is going under it and lowered to allow cars to pass.

Medieval castles were often surrounded by a moat or ditch crossed by a wooden bridge for protection. Some earlier castles had a bridge designed to be destroyed during an attack, but drawbridge became more common.

The bridge would be raised and lowered using ropes and chains attached to a windlass?!?!? in a chamber in the gatehouse. Only a light bridge could be raised without any counterweight so a form of bascule?!?! is normally found. the bridge could extend into the passage beyond the pivot point?!?! WHAT ARE THESE WORDS! either above a pit or in the form of counterweight beams that drop onto the floor.

The chains themselves could be attached to counterweights. in some cases a ?portcullis? provides the weight. by the 20th century a bascule? the arrangement was provided by lifting arms (gaffs) above and opposite to a bridge deck which ends were stuck together by chains to the ‘lifting end’ of the bridge; in the raised position the ‘gaffs’ would fit into slots in the gatehouse wall “trainers” which can still be seen at some castles.






My castle was inspired by this.

It is the Highclere castle located in England built in 1679 and renovated in 1840 aproxmetly

Highclere Castle: More History Than a ‘Downton Abbey’ Drama | The Epoch Times







This is where I put my design.

sorry if it’s blurry



Build pics





Final result video

This is my final results video of the final product in my castle



In this paragraph, I am supposed to ask myself WWW What Went Well and EBI Even Better If. What went well was almost everything. It was really fun experimenting and it was the first time I got to use hot glue. I made a working drawbridge, a moat and much, much more! Even Better If. I could of added a working flagpole but I could not find how to do so on the internet, so instead I made a tower and put a flag at the top.


here i self grade myself






1 grammerly lol.

2 me.




Properties of sound.

Hello world this is my properties of the sound unit,

I hope you enjoy it!

Properties of Sound I

In class, we cut a small hole in two cups And stuck a string in the hole. Then we had One person on one And another on the other side. But….. it didn’t work!

Bright Horizons | Telephone Cup Game | Bright Horizons®


Properties of Sound II

We did another experiment, which was… putting our ears to our desks and where hitting them with our fists and it was cool I Guess. But wait that’s Not it! There is more we also did it with other things all the way from a door to ollies head!

(notes his head sounded hollow)

Properties of Sound III

Now for the coolest one…

We used sound tuners and did super fun things! first, we hit our desks at the same time then we hit whatever we want!

After that the teacher wanted us to settle down and then told us to stop then she gave us a cup of water and we hit our desks with the tuner and dipped it in the cup and…

It like made a big splash.

Properties of Sound IV

This is the second coolest one so we used the cup from before then added some foil over the top, then put sand and hit our desks, and then… the sand exploded kind of maybe like uh…..

now for the last one we got papers of an ear then we put clay and wrote in a box what part of the ear the clay is in!

I hope you enjoyed It so… Yeah………….

Wait… oh yeah

Here are some images from my properties of sound booklet

properties of sound  1

properties of sound 2

Here are my photos:

Here is my model ear:

light blogpost

Hello, this is my blog post about light, I hope you like it!

Light Reflection GIF - Light Reflection Refraction - Discover & Share GIFs

Artificial sources of light versus natural sources

We/my class sorted out manmade sources of light versus natural sources.

down here is manmade sorces of light, and below it, is natural.

Artificial sources of light: glowsticks, fireworks, lightbulbs, candles, oil lamp.

Natural sources of light: fireflies sunlight glow worms.




Objects that emit light, Objects that reflect light

This time we sorted out objects that emit light and one that reflect light.

These are the ones we sorted.!

Light emitters: HDTV, candle, sunlight, moon, star.

Light reflectors: table, water bottle, bowling shoes.

also here a random fact luminous means something that emits light and non-luminous means a random object that doesn’t

Experiment 1:   In the first experiment we lined up cards with holes in the middle except for one in the back because that

one had a target on it but we shined a flashlight at the cards and hoped it hit it, and sure enough it went through!





Experiment 2:What makes a good reflector?

I did an experiment about reflecting a flashlight at different things such as glass, tinfoil, crumpled tinfoil, black paper,

white paper, and green paper.

the best reflector was crumpled tinfoil and the worst was

black paper.


science blog

hello welcome to my blog i am going to tell you All about habitats!Habitats for Kids | Kids learn about Tundra, Desert, Grasslands, Forests and More | Science for Kids - YouTube

did you know that plans actually move themselves?

or did you know that Plants react to sound? or that Plants use tricks to lure pollinators? Plants also absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen from their leaves!


here is a (link)  to my blooket.


www I believe that what went well was the creativity that Me, Ollie, and Miko put into it. ebi us not goofing around…mostly.


I believe that some humans have a negative impact on the environment. I think that we should not use coal and nuclear power and I think we should resort to solar power and wind power.



roz recount

The last thing I remember being in hard rain, I knew that rain water was bad for robots like me so I needed to find shelter. Well, I was running to find shelter,I tripped on something and fell.

After that, I remember falling down a deep mudfall. I was scared because it was all happening so fast and I didn’t know what was happening. I clawed at the ground to try and slow myself down but it was no use. But then I suddenly stopped somehow and felt annoying pinecones falling on my head. thankfully it was a tree and it saved me. I was happy that I was still alive and the rain stopped but I didn’t feel like celebrating. After that, I got up and saw that I was really dirty so I cleaned myself. Even after what happened I was still urging to find shelter and luckily I stumbled on a cave…